Ciao šŸ‘‹
I'm Miki Lombardi

What I do?

I helped Aperion and Plansoft to delivery high quality products, software and services to their customers. Since June 2021, I'm working at Growens My core knowledge has been instrumental in resolving complex architectural and software development challenges.

Working within the scopes of a lot of technical roles such as software engineer, course trainer, tech lead, solutions architect and head of R&D, I have developed a precise understanding of various technicalities which has helped me in maximizing value of my company and products in my current leadership roles.

My colleagues know me as an excellent communicator. I like to use an interactive approach for understanding and solving problems of varied scopes.

Iā€™m also enjoying sharing the knowledge with the community by writing articles and build / contribute to open source project.

Always striving to improve, I love learning new things and face challenging problems. I love to follow a mentor and I like to be mentor for others too.

In my experience I have always found a friendly and homely environment, even in large companies. I like to always give a touch of style to work, especially with the people who are part of it.

I'm always looking for the next challenge and I would like to be part of the solution process.